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  • SAVE ON Divers
  • ​SAVE ON Haul Outs
  • ​​SAVE ON Bottom Paint
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The Dirty Little Secret...

The boating industry doesn't want you to know.
Bottom paint manufacturers want to sell bottom paint. This is obviously not the secret, stay tuned.

Divers utilize an abrasive process that removes excessive amounts of paint during their monthly cleanings.

This has created a vicious cycle. Allow us to explain.

No more secrets.

We are committed to revolutionizing anti-fouling.
Hull Shield's ultrasound technology repels fouling, so you don't need routine antifouling maintenance and cleaning.

The bottom paint stays where it is supposed to - on your hull.

Abrasive cleaning is not only harmful to the ecosystem, but to your wallet.

It's best to explain with an illustration below.

A Vicious Cycle

Hull Shield's ultrasound technology puts a stop to the vicious cycle.

Our systems repel fouling, so you don't need routine antifouling maintenance and cleaning.

Eliminating the abrasive cleaning process, whether a power washer or scraping, extends bottom paint life by as much as 3 TIMES!

Four Ways To Save Thousands!

#1 Divers

Divers cost a lot, stop the vicious cycle.
  • Hull Shield's technology eliminates routine diver cleanings!
  • Less scraping means your paint stays where it belongs longer - on the boat instead of floating in the water damaging the ecosystem.

#2 Haul Outs

Hauling a boat for a new paint job is expensive!
  • Benefit by drastically reducing haul outs.
  • ​Increase time on the water!

#3 Re-Painting

Bottom Paint jobs are expensive & keeps you off the water.
  • Cut the hassle and costs by drastically extending your paint life.
  • Reduce yard fees.

#4 Fuel Efficiency

Hull Shield is like having a diver clean your HULL daily.
  • Fouling starts to accumulate on your hull as soon as the diver leaves. Every day you lose more and more efficiency until the next visit.
  • ​Hull Shield protects your bottom from fouling 24/7, 365 days a year so your boat is fast and and fuel efficient!
*should be used with functional ablative bottom paint

You Save $5,100

Find out how much YOU can save.

Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

Ultrasound Technology Prevents Fouling

Our systems offer a fully automatic solution that works around-the-clock to keep your boat clean.

Ultrasonic antifouling works by using sound waves to physically repel fouling organisms away from the surface before they can permanently attach.

Hull Shield systems operate similar to a stereo and speakers. 

The controller sends ultrasound signals to transducers attached to the hull or running gear, the transducers receive the high-frequency signals, transforming them into ultrasonic pulses.

Each pulse creates a microscopic shockwave that runs across the hull and drive gear.

These ultrasonic waves work to ablate, loosen, and repel fouling which is contacting the hull and drive surfaces.
When used in conjunction with an ablative bottom paint, Hull Shield systems are the most effective and long-term antifouling solution available.
The Details
  • Power Consumption: Hull Shield systems draw very little current and will operate on battery systems connected to standard battery maintainers and trickle chargers.
  • ​Through Holes: No. Hull Shield systems do not require any through-holes to install
  • ​Electrolysis: No. Hull Shield emits sound not electricity.
  •  I need Bottom Paint? : Yes, Hull Shield works in conjunction with bottom paint.
  • Do I Need Divers?: Most of our clients hire divers twice a year. Divers remove bottom paint, so your paint will last longer.
  • ​Can I Hear it?: No, it is not audible to the human ear, not your pup either!
  • Marine Animals Can Hear It?: No, their hearing is at lower frequencies to travel great distance.
  • ​Will It Work for Me?: Yes, warm water, cold water, fresh water & salt water.
  • ​Warranty - 2 Year Warranty
Amazing Benefits
  •  Bottom Paint Jobs: The biggest savings! Our average customer will need to bottom paint every 3-4, years NOT every year.
  •  Fuel Savings: Your boat is going to run a lot more efficiently saving you on fuel.
  • ​ Performance: Fouling is continuously attaching to your boat and causing drag. So, whether you like going fast or slow, you are in luck. Capt. Steve mentioned, "you can increase your speed up to 2 knots." For trawlers who go slower, you know how fast growth accumulates. Well, that will be a thing of the past if you have Hull Shield!
  • ​Great For Our Waterways: Our product is non-toxic & reduces the sloughing of bottom paint into the ocean.
  • Made In The USA: We are the only Ultrasonic Anti-Fouling Technology made in the states. 



Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty
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